brand development

who are you and what do you offer?

Your branding should immediately answer these questions about your business, product, or service. It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, and your visual identity is the first experience potential customers have with your brand.

Make it count.

the art of branding

We bring a big-agency standard of work to growing brands, startups, and established companies alike. Whether you’re a new business owner wondering where to start, or an established business that wants to re-energize your persona, we provide the big idea campaigns needed to make an impact.

Our team specializes in strategic brand development to help businesses strengthen their customer-facing identity, positively impact the market, and spark business growth at all levels of their enterprise. As one of the top-rated hospitality branding agencies, we have worked with an extensive clientele, most notably:

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As you may know, competition is high in the hospitality industry. Businesses need to portray an attractive, authentic persona to not only reach new customers, but to transform their audience into advocates. We are the agency that will make that mission possible. 

From establishing a consistent brand identity, to building credibility in your space, our inspiring creative designs will position your company to stand out from the competition and project authority where it matters most.

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why brand development?

Branding goes well beyond creating a logo or marketing collateral to get your business off the ground. In today’s marketing landscape, brand development (or redevelopment) is what will pave the way to customer loyalty. 

Our proven branding strategies will distinguish your company identity from your competitors with the goal of building brand equity. Moreover, it will lay the foundation of your brand narrative — those vital building blocks that will enable you to enhance the customer journey and reward your audience with emotive storytelling.

Though every branding strategy we execute is unique to your business, niche, and customer expectations, we always engage the following:

why the mrkt co.

We will establish your brand

The MRKT Co. team helps brands firmly establish themselves in the marketplace by helping to produce a full library of ready-to-launch brand assets.

Our professional media collective create “big idea” branding campaigns that translate into monthly and weekly deliverables. We help new business owners that “don’t know where to start” when it comes to their new brand. 

Most of all, we educate customers on how to start marketing their business so they can continue to grow. 

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the mrkt co. approach

Building quality relationships with our clientele is at the heart of everything we do, because we believe that your success depends on a shared level of trust and transparency. In the end, our work together will be a team effort that guarantees a seamless experience for you and a positive outcome for your audience. 

At the start of your branding journey, our team of content creators and brand storytellers will investigate your market landscape, customer expectations, and business goals. From there, we will strategize a “big idea” campaign, executed over monthly and weekly deliverables, that will enable you to engage your audience and untap unrealized potential in the market. 

From there — and with a little feedback from your customers — we will refine your branding strategy and finalize a visual identity that delivers on your business objectives and promises measurable results.

step 1


You’ve got a message that the world needs to hear.
let us hear it first

We enjoy getting to know our clients and their vision for their business. This is the first step in developing a brand that will help you achieve your objectives. We nurture your ideas and suggest new ones to build a brand that you will love, and we know will help your business grow.

step 2


Time to make your vision tangible

Our team will get to work on the design, details and overall strategy decided during our collective brainstorming session. First, we listen to what’s most important to you. Then, we carve out the goals we’ll achieve together.

step 3

testing + optimizing

The trial run

Your dedicated creative team will develop a couple of suggested versions of your new brand name and logo, then test these on your audience to gauge estimated performance. With feedback in tow, we’ll revise our original concepts, then work with you to fine-tune a final version and package your new brand for distribution.

step 4


Showcasing your brand where customers are on the hunt

Today, your customers have hundreds of different means of discovering and engaging your brand. We make sure your improved brand identity is updated across all of your business collateral while helping to educate your team on your new brand standards so they can help push your message to the world. 

what our clients say


Our clients enjoy working with our creative team to discover innovative ways to nurture and grow their brand. We appreciate getting to know our clients and learning their ideas and goals. We incorporate these into the most effective brand development strategy to achieve the best results.


let’s get started

Together we’ll do our best work and create excellent results. Let’s get the conversation started and find out how we can create or strengthen your brand and grow your business.