Branding + Essentials for Newly Established Businesses

Launch Your Business With Immediate Impact

Business owners face a common challenge when they first get started: how to attract customers and build brand equity out of the starting gate. Stop racking your brain on the best way to reach your objectives, and instead get in touch with our team of creative experts and marketing professionals. Over our combined years of experience launching brands to major success, we have identified the business essentials startups and new companies need to impact their market now and years later.  

The Foundation of Your Business

Setting the Pace for an Unbreakable Brand

We specialize in hospitality and lifestyle marketing, building new brands from the ground up and revitalizing established brands to win more market share. Working hand-in-hand with your team, we’ll outline a custom-tailored marketing roadmap that we know will deliver on your business objectives. All in all, it starts by telling your story the way it needs to be communicated. 

To lay the foundation for effective brand storytelling, we must partner with you, cultivating a relationship built upon trust and transparency that enables us to strategize and plan from a shared point-of-view. After some one-on-one time learning your business and your career goals, we craft the business essentials you need to appeal to your target audience and convert their interest to purchases.

As a hospitality and lifestyle marketing agency, we work best with:

Business Essentials for Rivr Lofts

What Are Business Essentials?

Our business essentials provide the collateral you’ll need to effectively communicate your brand to consumers, build credibility, and attain the market coverage you need to outperform your competitors. 

After a 2 hour discovery session, we get to work establishing your visual identity. From name exploration and logo creation to sentiment analysis and more, we handle the hard work that new businesses often tangle with at their inception, such as:

Logo Design & Application
Rules for Brand Consistency
Brand Guidelines & Tone of Voice
for Strong Customer Communication
Printed Collateral for
Improved Brand Recognition
Website Design &
Social Media Profile
Creation & Enhancement
Professionally Produced
Photography & Videography
Narrative-driven Copywriting
for Emotive Storytelling
Market Research &
Competitive Analysis

How This Serves Your Interests

Our Business Essentials Have Powerful Impact

The design of your logo, the colors, motifs, and decor you employ; the words you choose to describe your values, and the messages you convey can directly affect your sales and performance. These facets are essential for standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Here are a few of the ways our Business Essentials package will create short and long term value for your business.

Brand Recognition

Increasing brand awareness is an absolute must. Our business essentials package equips you with stunning visuals and emotive copywriting to deploy on choice channels. This is how we help get your message in front of the eyes and ears that we know will be receptive. 

As brand recognition manifests, you’ll see the opportunity to build strong bonds with your audience. With a core following in tow, you’ll have more control on how and where to spread your influence.

Customer-Brand Relationship

Now that consumers know what your business offers, what core values your company represents, and how your services will add value to their lifestyle, we incorporate more actionable messaging into your media toolkit.

This is your opportunity to increase engagement and spark interest among consumers. The results: more people are interested in learning about your brand identity and what they stand to gain by interacting with you. You’ve laid the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship with your audience.

Brand Advocacy

With ongoing content creation, we will transform loyal customers to brand advocates, who will help to take your messaging (and every dollar you spend with us) further than you thought possible. Once we reach this stage, your business will be a force in the market, having the means to tactfully appeal to emerging consumer interests while establishing brand equity that will enable you to take the next big step in your business plan.

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Our clients enjoy working with our creative team to discover innovative ways to nurture and grow their brand. We appreciate getting to know our clients and learning their ideas and goals. We incorporate these into the most effective brand development strategy to achieve the best results.


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